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Christmas Trees

Christmas trees have long been synonymous with the celebration of Christmas. While snowflakes get all the attention in the "no two are the same" department, the same could be said of Christmas trees, and the differences are apparant to the naked eye. From how the branches grow on a natural tree, to how the branches are manipulated on an artificial one; from which ornaments your family chooses to put up each year, to how those ornaments are arranged; from what garland or tinsel you choose to what lights you choose; from what tree topper you choose, to what tree skirt you choose, Christmas trees are never the same from household to household and year to year. Even families who don't decorate much for Christmas put up a Christmas tree. You can find out more about Christmas trees and their history relating to Christmas by visiting our Christmas trees traditions page.

Freshly Cut Christmas Trees

If you don't feel like ""heading out into the country in the old front-wheel drive sleigh to embrace the frosty majesty of the winter landscape and select that most important of Christmas symbols," Ovation for Christmas has provided some selections of freshly cut Christmas trees for your fun, old-fashioned family Christmas.

Artificial Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas trees have a certain magic of their own. Whereas natural trees are often thrown out after Christmas, artificial Christmas trees can be used year after year. This makes them a special part of Christmas for many families. There is a familiarity to assembling the same tree each year.

There are many reasons to choose an artificial Christmas tree. Artificial trees can be an economic alternative to natural ones. Their ability to be used year after year and even for decades can save a lot of money over the long term. Some kids have allergies or a sensitivy to natural trees, making artificial trees a necessary alternative. Also, artificial Christmas trees can be a low maintenance option; no more dealing with needles falling off the tree, watering the tree, or recycling the tree after Christmas. In addition, as an option, many artificial Christmas trees can be purchased pre-lit, which saves time from having to string lights.

Classically Elegant Artificial Christmas Trees

These trees are available through Hammacher Schlemmer. The trees are available with incandescent or LED lights, slim or full trees, white or multicolored lights, and they range in size from 4 1/2' to 16' depending on the species of artificial tree. When you arrive at the site by clicking the links below, you can also select the size, whether you want a slim or full tree, and the type of lights you want.

Unusual and Unique Christmas Trees

In recent years Christmas trees have gone through a transformation in their level of ingenuity and uniqueness. It seems like any kind of tree you could possibly want, you can now have, provided the tree is manufactured and not grown. Some of these are functional and can be used for limited space or convenience, such as half trees, which can fit right up against the wall, and corner trees, which solve that problem of decorating the part of the tree facing the corner. (When I was little I would crawl under the tree and decorate the area between the tree and the wall corner). Others are purely created as a preference or for aesthetic purposes, such as pink, red, blue, or other colored trees and oddly shaped trees, such as ones that are bent in a Seussical manner and upside down trees.

Upside Down Christmas Trees

Colorful Christmas Trees

Uniquely Shaped Christmas Trees

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