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Christmas Lights

"Strings on Street Lights, even Stop Lights, Blink a Bright Red and Green..."

Christmas lights are a long standing tradition during the holiday season. Who hasn't at one point dreamt of having the Griswold house decorated in 10,000 imported italian twinkle lights? Christmas light displays are one of the fastest ways to put people in the Christmas spirit. It feels great to decorate your house, both inside and out, knowing it is going to make both your family and anyone passing by feel wonderful and it is going to make them smile. While many of us decorate the inside of our house in Christmas lights, whether it be just lights on the tree, on the mantle, or on the stair railing, fewer decorate the exterior of our houses. Whether it is a tradition to decorate your house in lights or you never have before, but want to start, this is the page for you. Here we will provide ideas on how to make your Christmas light displays later, or how you can start. We also suggest wonderful ideas for lighting the interior of your house. When it comes to Christmas lights, at Ovation for Christmas, we don't subscibe to the old "less is more" adage; with Christmas lights "more is better!"

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