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The Best Christmas Ideas

The Best Ideas to Make Christmas Great!

At Ovation for Christmas, we care about helping you make your Christmas special. This is one of the best pages you can go to if you want the best ideas to help you "Rediscover the Magic of Christmas" or want to help others do the same. We have some of the best ideas to make your Christmas memorable!

Ideas to Make Christmas Special & Memorable

Are you looking for great ideas to help you get in the Christmas spirit? Are your kids starting to ask questions and you are looking for ideas to keep the magic of Christmas alive for them? Are you looking for ideas for giving that Christmas gift your family will remember for years to come? Are you looking for ideas for things to do at Christmas that are Christmasy? Are you looking for ideas on how to decorate for Christmas in clever ways? Well you are in luck. These are some of the best ideas we have come up with and found to make your Christmas special.

Ideas to Keep the Christmas Magic Alive & Make Christmas Special for Kids

Are your kids asking you about if there really is a Santa Claus or not? Of course how you choose to answer is up to you. Are you trying to figure out what your kids want for Christmas but they won't tell you? Are your kids excited for Christmas but you want to help make Christmas more magical and memorable for your them? If you are trying to reaffirm their beliefs with some tangible or circumstantial evidence of Santa's existence besides the milk and cookies being devoured on Christmas morning, these ideas to keep the Christmas magic alive can help.

Visiting Santa!

  • Take your child to see Santa at the Mall or wherever he takes visitors.
    • This is old fashioned, some would say obvious, but it's effective and gets them excited.
    • If your kid wonders how he can be in multiple places, use the Santa's helpers reasoning.

How do You Find Out What Your Kids Want for Christmas?

Ask Santa What They Want:
If You've Been Good He Just May Tell You

One of the most important things you can do to make sure your kids have a great Christmas is to get them what they want for Christmas. Nothing ruins a child's Christmas (or a parent's Christmas) more than a kid not getting that "special" gift that they asked Santa for and seeing them tear through their presents with an excited look on their face, getting to the end and seeing the disappointment on their face that Santa didn't it. Now sometimes it is in your child's best interest that Santa didn't bring them that great gift they want so badly for fear they will "shoot their eye out" like Ralphie. Though if your child does want a Red Rider BB Gun and you have no problem with that, you can find it here:

A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Major Award

However, assuming you have no objection to that gift that your kid wants more than anything, their are still some obstacles to getting them that great gift: 1) How do you find out what your kid(s) want for Christmas? 2) How do you find that gift once you know what they want? 3) How do you do this while making them believe Santa brought them that special gift to keep the magic of Christmas alive for them? These concerns are intermingled and require a great deal of subtlty to avoid arousing suspicion. This is especially important Ovation for Christmas will first address how you can find out what your kid(s) want for Christmas

  • After visiting Santa at "The North Pole" (whether that be at the mall or another location) ask your child what he or she told Santa they want for Christmas.
    • If they tell you, this makes it easy to make sure your son or daughter get what they want for Christmas.
    • If your children are reluctant to tell you what they told Santa, you can tell them that you need to know because Santa checks his list twice and the reason that they say he does is the second check he does is to check with you just before Christmas to make sure they are still being good and to verify that what they asked Santa for is still what they want and that you are alright with the gift they want. Therefore, you need to know so you can verify it with Santa during his second check.
    • If your kid(s) don't want to tell you because they want proof that Santa exists, certainly don't persist or you will arouse suspicion. Some parents also encourage the birthday wish approach to telling Santa. In other words, if you tell anyone else what you want for Christmas, you won't get it.
      • If that is the case, you can always ask Santa quickly after your kid visits with him.
        • Find an excuse to linger to ask. There are many options to accomplish that such as having the other parent, caretaker or sibling lead or carry your kid away from Santa when they are down and hang back, purchase a picture of your son or daughter and tell them to wait for you out of whisper ear shot while you do, etc.
Have Your Son or Daughter Write a Letter to Santa
  • Encourage your child to write a wish list to Santa and offer to mail it for them.
    • Take a peek at it, take a picture of it, or make a copy of it before you mail it so you know what they hope Santa will bring them and also as a memory for later since you may be mailing the actual letter away.
    • You can even get a special Christmas stamp that you only use for the letter your kids send to Santa and tell them that this stamp is magical and makes sure Santa gets your letter first.
    • If your child doesn't want to give you the letter but you need to see it to find out what they want, offer to fold the list for your kid and to seal it in the envelope and take a peak while doing so. Focus on the top of the list if you can't remember all of it because that is most likely where the gifts are your kids want the most. You can also make the moment extra special with a "magical" seal like a special sticker or a hot wax seal that you only use for their letter to Santa (don't let them do the hot wax seal by themselves though).
Who Knows Your Kids Better than You?
  • If all else fails, observe what your kids might want!
    • What cartoons or shows do they seem to be obsessed with and always talk about? What commercials get them excited? Kids are usually not subtle and let it be known what they like.
  • Pay attention to what the hot toys are for your child's age range since that is a good place to start, but sometimes those can be hard to find so don't wait to the last minute.
  • Take your kids to a Toys 'R' Us or other toy store and walk around with them and see what they beg for. We will grant you, this is a last ditch attempt to find out what they want for Christmas and it will be very difficult for you to get out of that toy store without getting them something. Therefore, you should have an agreement with them before you go and let them know they can have one toy that is less than a certain price, say $10, if they are good and don't make a scene, but if they are naughty or get greedy, they won't get any and you will have to report it to Santa.
    • This can be helpful to get your kids to behave if you have something you need them to behave for around Christmas too. Say you are going to a wedding where kids are allowed or you have other Christmas shopping to do and need them to come along, tell them you will be going to the toy store afterwards if they are good.
    • This also helps you narrow down your search. Say your son says he wants Star Wars figures for Christmas or your daughter says she wants Barbie dolls, if they don't tell you which ones they like, how do you know you are getting them their favorite character or doll? Kids will usually pick out multiple toys that they want in a situation like that and then make their decision. They probably want the toys they have to put back and the longer it takes for them to decide on which toy they want or the more they ask for both or a few of them, the higher the probability if you give them those other ones under the tree, they will love their Christmas!

What Do You Do If Your Child is Asking Santa for Something that You Can't Afford or That Is Not Realistic?

Kids have an amazing imagination that can extend to what they ask for for Christmas. For children who believe in Santa, price doesn't mean much and in some instances neither does reality. Kids have been known to ask for unicorns, super powers, to get into Hogwarts', and many other impossible and unrealistic things.

One of the saddest and most difficult wishes to deal with is kids wishing to have a dead back

  • Make it your fault and not Santa's that they can't have that gift they want.
    • Chances are

Tell them you talked to Santa Claus and explained to him that

Santa doesn't make that

Want to Keep Your Kids Believing in Santa Claus a Little Longer?

Or Just Make Their Christmas More Memorable?
Give Them Tangible Proof That Santa Exists!

Your Child Can Receive a Personalized Letter From Santa Claus

  • Give your son or daughter a letter from Santa Claus himself!
  • You can personalize these letters to include the visit your child had with Santa.
    • Depending on which package you get from this site, there are other really clever items to keep the magic alive including:
      • One of Rudolph's magic bells
      • A pine tree seed from the North Pole that you can plant with your child that can serve as a reminder of this Christmas
      • Reindeer food to sprinkle outside on Christmas Eve (Start a Christmas tradition with your kids)
      • Cookies from Mrs. Claus (You could leave them for Santa on Christmas Eve)
      • A Thank You note from Santa for the Milk and Cookies you can leave out for the kids to find Christmas morning

Your Child Can Receive a Personal Phone Call From Santa Claus

  • Have your son or daughter receive a phone call from Santa Claus himself!
    • Imagine how excited they will be when they hear Santa is on the phone and wants to talk to them.
    • Santa will know personal details about them: their friends, pets, favorite toys, what they want for Christmas, how they are doing in school, their Naughty/Nice status, etc.
    • You can get a CD or MP3 Recording of the Phone Call to play back for your kids and to keep as a memory right next to the pictures of your kids on Santa's lap.
      • This is a really unique keepsake that allows you to capture the Voice of your child at a certain age and also capture the excitement they had for Christmas at that age in a way no picture could ever capture.
Give Them Visual Proof That Santa Exists!
The Santa Video
  • So many kids become obsessed with catching Santa in the act of delivering presents.
    • At Ovation for Christmas we may have even been guilty of creating an elaborate series of trip wires around the fireplace with string and attached it to a camera thinking we could get a picture of Santa or the sound of him falling would wake us up and we'd see him.
      • We are shocked we weren't put on the "Naughty List" for this alone.

You Can Show Your Kids a Video of Santa Claus in Your House

  • Imagine how excited your kids would get if they see a Video of Santa Claus in their living room (or wherever you place your tree) delivering their gifts.
    • You could show them on Christmas, before or after you open gifts (though your kids probably will insist on opening gifts first)
      • Tell them that you secretly taped Santa when he was there last night.
      • You could also tell your kids that Santa left behind a video because he knows they were trying to stay up to see him visit or that he knows they have been questioning if he is real and wanted to show you. (This could be the best option if you don't have a video camera)
The Santa Video
      • Tailor your reasoning to the reason you wanted to get the video.
        • It usually falls into one of 3 main reasons: 1) You want to make Christmas even more special, exciting and magical for your kids. 2) Your kids have been obsessed with catching Santa in the act or trying to stay awake to see him and you want to show them proof he was there or 3) Your kids are starting to question if he is real and you want to keep the magic alive for them.

Get a Picture of Santa Claus in Your House

320X250 Banners
  • Imagine how excited your children would be to see a picture of Santa in your house delivering presents! The same reasons to Catch Santa on Video delivering presents applies to getting photographic proof of Santa delivering presents.
  • There are some great advantages to having a photo of Santa instead of a video and vice versa.
    • A photo catching Santa in the act of delivering presents offers great possibilities and flexibility for adding to the magic of Christmas for kids:
      • You can set out a camera with a tripod on Christmas Eve and tell your kids you are going to try to get a picture of him (set up the tripod in the general place where you already took the picture). Then you can tell your kids when you come downstairs, or into whichever room where the presents are and you set up the camera, that it looks like the camera got a picture of something and then say you are going to go print out the picture and then come back with the picture of Santa.
      • You can tell your kids that an elf comes along when Santa delivers gifts and takes pictures of Santa delivering the gifts to prepare for next Christmas. Then "drop" a photo of Santa somewhere in the area where the gifts are or even among the gifts so that your kids will "discover" it on Christmas morning.
      • You can tell your kids that you heard something and snuck downstairs with your camera and got a quick picture of Santa Claus.
  • Make sure to print out the photo(s) before Christmas so you have options how to let your kids discover them.
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