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Christmas Gift Idea Spotlight: Hot Christmas Gift ideas

For every Susie who wants a doll, may we suggest the Disney Animators' Doll Collection from the Disney Store. The collection has ten dolls, all Disney princesses envisioned in their younger years by the incomparable animators Mark Henn and Glen Keane. These animators envisioned and brought life to many of our favorite animated characters from the Disney Renaissance of the late 80s / early 90s which continues to this day. At Ovation for Christmas, we would highly recommend any doll from this collection for the little princess in your life.

Disney Vinylmation Stocking Stuffers

Vinylmation Major League Baseball Philadelphia Phillies Figure -- 3''
Vinylmation Penn State Figure -- 3''
Vinylmation Holiday 3 Series 9'' Figure -- Mouse King with 3'' Nutcracker
Vinylmation Cars 2 Figures: Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater -- 2-Pc. Set
Vinylmation Urban 7 Series 9'' Figure -- Milk Carton with 3'' Orange Juice Carton
Vinylmation Major League Baseball New York Yankees Figure -- 3''

Air Swimmers Remote Controlled Flying Clownfish and Shark Toy (Set of 2)

These are a really hot gift idea this year. These giant, remote controlled balloons swim through the air like they were swimming through water. Below is a video showing them in action and another site to buy these individually.

Click Here for More Remote Control Gift Ideas
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