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ME Christmas Events

Are You Looking for Things to do at Christmas Time in Maine?

Being the state that is farthest east, Maine is the state that welcomes Christmas each and every year, which is why Maine's slogan is "where America's day begins." This makes Ovation for Christmas think there should be a Christmas event in Lubec, ME (the easternmost point in the continental United States) with people gathered hand in hand around a Christmas tree swaying as they sing "Welcome Christmas" on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning like the Whos down in Whoville. Maine also happens to be one of only four states Ovation for Christmas has identified with at least a 50% chance of having a white Christmas. So, if you are looking for a snowy setting for your Christmas event to get you in the Christmas spirit, you should seriously consider Maine, the state with "Vacationland" on its license plate. Maine is known for its seafood (particularly lobsters) and you will find some of the finest, fresh seafood you can find around the holidays at ME Christmas events. To that effect, it is no surprise with Maine's vast coastline that so many of the standout Christmas events in Maine involve the coast and the sea.

Christmas Events Maine Map

The Best Christmas Events and Attractions in Maine

Most of the best Christmas events in Maine are not individual Christmas events, but a collection of individual Christmas festivities in one location organized and marketed under an event name. While any of these Christmas events at one of these festivals can be the Christmas event that stands out in your memory for years to come, it is hard to judge the best of these overall festivals that span multiple days with multiple different Christmas events each day. Some of the most unique and, Ovation for Christmas believes, memorable Christmas events in Maine are singing carols around giant bonfires, the lighting of various trees (including one made out of lobster traps) and the unique events held at L.L. Bean's flagship store in Freeport, ME. However, Kennebunkport, ME with its Christmas Prelude perhaps best represtents a Maine Christmas and the Christmas events it has to offer.

Christmas Prelude - Kennebunkport, ME

What Christmas Events to Expect: A Christmas Festival of Festivities with a Variety of over 100 Christmas Events to Enjoy Highlights: Bonfires, the Lobster Trap Christmas Tree, The Walk to Bethlehem

They tout the fact that Kennebunkport, Maine was voted the #2 Christmas Town in America by HGTV and for good reason. The Christmas Prelude isn't just one event, it is more of a Christmas festival of events spanning two weekends. Because of this, it has so many of the things you would expect in a great Christmas event: tree lightings, caroling, a live nativity, unique Christmas shopping, Christmas tours, etc. They also have so many Christmas events that are unique to Maine or just rarely found in other locations: Santa arriving via lobster boat, a lobster trap tree lighting, singing Christmas carols around a giant bonfire, Christmas trolley rides through the woods, the walk to Bethlehem processional, etc.

Hours & Admission: Check their website for up to date information and cost for events. http://www.christmasprelude.com/schedule_of_events.htm

Phone: (207) 967-0857 E-Mail: info@christmasprelude.com Website: http://www.christmasprelude.com/

Christmas by the Sea - Ogunquit, ME

What Christmas Events to Expect: Christmas Festivities Highlights: Christmas Parade, Tree Lighting, Bonfire, Polar Plunge

Christmas by the Sea is an oft repeated title for Christmas events in Maine that are along the coast, which are many given Maine's vast coastline. The Christmas by the Sea event in Ogunquit, ME consists of Christmas scavenger hunts, wine tastings, Christmas caroling, Christmas parades, hayrides, a polar plunge, a Christmas tree lighting, a living manger, and many more Christmas festivities spread out over the course of a few days. Like so many Christmas events in New England, there is also a food tasting event called "Taste the Season" which samples the best local food (especially the lobster and chowder). Also check out the Penobscot Bay Christmas by the Sea festivities, which include Christmas festivities in bay area cities, such as Camden, ME, Rockport, ME and Lincolnville, ME. The Christmas events you will find at this Christmas by the Sea event are similar to the ones we profiled in Ogunquit, ME with some changes. For example, if you are looking for idyllic horse drawn carriage rides, you may want to visit the Christmas by the Sea event in Camden, ME. http://mainedreamvacation.com/27thChristmasByTheSea

Hours & Admission: The Christmas festivities occur over the period of a few days and most are free, but for some there is a nominal charge. Check the website for up to date Christmas event dates, times and prices. http://www.visitogunquit.org/event.php?id=7

Phone: (207) 646-2939 Address: 36 Main Street, Ogunquit, ME 03907 Website: http://www.visitogunquit.org/event.php?id=7

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Northern Lights at L.L. Bean - Freeport, ME

What Christmas Events to Expect: A Series of Various Christmas Events Spanning Multiple Days and Times Highlights: The Tree Lighting and Light Shows

L.L. Bean is one of the preeminent outdoors companies in the world and this is their flagship store in Freeport, ME, so you know they know how to do Christmas right. They have one of the largest Christmas trees in Maine and they gorgeously decorate it with thousands of lights until it glows like it was decorated by Clark Griswold. Yet, they put on a Christmas lights display to music that would make Clark Griswold envious. They also host a series of unique and fun holiday related events. Sure, this is a business and they are trying to sell their products, but you won't find this mix of unique Christmas events anywhere else. The Christmas events include allowing visitors to meet real sled dogs, taking old-fashioned horse drawn wagon rides, try being a TV meteorologist and get a copy of your audition, presentations of a comedic version of "A Christmas Carol," and many more. If you find yourself in the Freeport, ME area around Christmas, this is one store that is far more than worth a stop.

Hours: The time and dates of events vary widely, check out their website for updated hours http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/512152

Admission: Free!

Phone: (877) 755-2326 Address: 95 Main St Freeport, ME 04032 Website: http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/512152

Sparkle Weekend - Freeport, ME

What Christmas Events to Expect: A Collection of Christmas Events Highlight: The L.L. Bean Events, Polar Express, Jingle Bell Run/Walk

Many of the events of the annual Sparkle Weekend take place at the L.L. Bean campus. In fact most take place there and are a part of the L.L. Bean Northern Lights festivities. However, there are some notable additional events you may want to take part in with your family. There is a free Christmas movie screening of the Polar Express at the Nordica Theatre and a real life Polar Express experience on the Amtrak Downeaster that would be the highlight of any child's Christmas who enjoys the book. Christmas is also a time of giving and charity. In that vein, chosen as one of the most incredible themed races is the Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis, which can be a really fun way to get into the Christmas spirit while simultaneously helping a great cause.

Hours & Admission: There are a lot of events. Check the website http://www.freeportusa.com/events/20th-annual-sparkle-weekend/

Phone: 800-865-1994 E-Mail: info@freeportusa.com Address: Main St., Freeport, ME 04032 Website: http://www.freeportusa.com/events/20th-annual-sparkle-weekend/

Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum: Polar Express - Portland, ME

What Christmas Events to Expect: A Polar Express Themed Train RIde Highlight: Santa Visiting Each Child and Giving Them a Bell

Like most of the Polar Express events, this event would be most enjoyed by young children. This event is similar to the one in Freeport, ME and to countless others across America. In fact, it is similar to the children's book. The train takes off from the station, with the conductor playing his role. Then the passengers are treated to a train ride filled with holiday decorations and are served hot chocolate and cookies while being read the Polar Express en route to the "North Pole" (which is technically just a bus stop like kiosk with the words "North Pole" on it and decorated with lights and a bright Christmas tree). Santa is waiting there to board the train. Once aboard he visits with every child and gives them a very special gift. Little children will find this journey magical and even older children and adults could find it a fun experience.

Hours & Admission: http://www.mainenarrowgauge.org/polar-express/

Phone: (207) 828-0814 E-Mail: info@mainenarrowgauge.org Address: 58 Fore Street, Portland, ME 04101 Website: http://www.mainenarrowgauge.org/polar-express/

What Things do You Like to Do at Christmas Time in PA? Where do You Like to Go in PA to Get in the Christmas Spirit? Let Us Know! :-)

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