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Christmas Caroling

"The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer is Singing Loud for All to Hear!"

Christmas Caroling is such a special Christmas tradition in the way it can add to the enjoyment of the holidays for both the party singing and the party listening that we decided to dedicate an entire page to convincing you to make Christmas Caroling one of your holiday traditions and to make sure you have as much fun as possible while doing it. If you are looking for the origins of Christmas caroling and its history click here.

Christmas Caroling: An Endangered Christmas Tradition

Christmas caroling from door to door is so rare these days that it, ironically, becomes something uniquely familiar to do around Christmas and, simultaneously, something that stands out amist all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. While almost everyone has had kids knock on their door Trick-or-Treating at Halloween, almost no one has ever had carolers visit their home around Christmas. Even though many people have never gone Christmas caroling or seen anyone doing it, there is something nostalgic about it. From our experience here at Ovation for Christmas, we have found caroling door to door is one of the most unifying and deeply fulfilling of all the Christmas traditions you can share with family, friends and neighbors - not to mention one of the most enjoyable. The instant gratification of the look on people's faces when they are watching your group sing is as indescribable as the joy of Christmas itself; it is something you have to experience to fully appreciate. Some of our favorite Christmas memories have come from caroling with friends. If you want to find out more about the Origins of the Christmas Caroling Tradition visit out Christmas Caroling Traditions Page!

Top Reasons to Go Christmas Caroling

Here are just a few reasons to go Christmas Caroling with your friends this year:

  • Recapture Your Childhood: Who wouldn't want to experience Christmas like a kid again? What better way than doing a Christmas activity that closely mirrors something you did every year when you were a kid? Christmas Caroling is like grown up Trick-or-Treating. You can even dress up if you want, you knock on a door, sing a song, and then the home owner shows their appreciation (and many give you a treat).
  • Christmas Caroling Can be Rewarding: To our last point, like with Trick-or-Treating, when you go Christmas caroling, even though people aren't expecting you, many people offer you cookies, something to drink, like hot chocolate or cider, or some other tangible form of appreciation after you finish your song.
  • It Makes Other People Happy: Christmas caroling is one of the rare traditions that not only gets you in the Christmas spirit, it also gets others in the Christmas spirit. Even if they don't offer you anything after you finish your song, almost every single person profusely thanked us for making their Christmas better. Buddy the Elf was right, it really is the best way to spread Christmas cheer.
  • Start a Tradition: Christmas caroling is a wonderful Christmas tradition you can do with your group of friends.
  • Christmas Caroling is Rare: It is hard to do something at Christmas that isn't being done by millions of other people. So, if you are looking to do something around Christmas that will stand out from other Christmas activities and that other people probably hadn't thought of doing, Christmas caroling door to door is a great idea. Because it is so rare these days, we have found people are excited just to see us in their neighborhood and many people have told us they wish they had thought of doing it. You could actually help to make this wonderful tradition popular again.
  • It is Free!!!: We are talking about the actual act of Christmas caroling. Of course you can always purchase products like the ones on this page to make the caroling experience more fun and enjoyable: song books, costumes, hats, hand-held electric candles, iPads with caroling apps, instruments, etc.

You Don't Need to be Able to Sing to Go Christmas Caroling!

We can not stress this point enough. You don't have to be able to sing well (or at all) to go out caroling in your community. Our group has never been composed of the best singers, or even very good ones. People aren't paying to hear you sing, it is a gift you are giving them free of charge. And as with any gift, it is the thought that counts. People are very grateful that you chose to stop by their house to sing a song and knowing you are adding to someone else's enjoyment of the season is a wonderful gift you can give yourself.

"But I can't sing!" At Ovation for Christmas, this or "I don't like to sing in public," are what we hear most often as excuses to not go Christmas caroling. Yet, many people, just like Jovie in Elf, actually like singing, whether it be in the shower, car, or elsewhere. The fear for most is of singing in front of people, a fear that is hopefully eased a bit by the group experience of caroling. Christmas caroling, after all, is more about enjoying the experience and getting in the Christmas spirit. If you don't want to or don't like to sing, you can go along and not sing at all. When we go out caroling door to door, some people do this. However, as Buddy the Elf would say, "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear." So give it a shot.

So many people avoid this tradition because they say they "can't sing." So many people miss out on wonderful experiences in life simply because they are afraid to try. Let me tell you as a fellow tone-deaf caroler, it doesn't matter. We have butchered some songs and the home owners still thank us profusely. While I would get booed off of any stage after a few notes, when it comes to Christmas caroling the old motto "it's the thought that counts" really holds true. Even if you really have an aversion to singing, just tagging along with the group and not singing can be a wonderful bonding experience. It is an honor to be able to be a part of a stranger's Christmas memories, even if it is only for a few moments.

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