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The Best Apps for Christmas

There has been a huge increase in the popularity of smartphones and mobile devices in recent years. One of the main reasons for the explosion in popularity of these devices are apps. You can find an app for just about anything; this means there are apps for Christmas too! Ovation for Christmas helps you find the best apps for Christmas here. We will try to only post Christmas apps on these pages that we think are helpful, fun and entertaining. We have separated these out into a number of categories. Some of these apps don't have a Christmas theme, but we believe they will be useful to you around the holidays. We also provide a number of gift ideas on these pages in the side columns that have to do with apps or touchscreen devices. Besides apps, there are also a few pages we have of appcessories, which are one of the hottest gift ideas, which are toys and other physical items that work with a particular app. We also have pages of accessories, which are items, such as speakers and cases, that work with mobile devices. Christmas apps really make those long holiday trips more enjoyable for kids of any age. Whatever you want to do at Christmas, as Apple would say, "There's an app for that!"

Christmas Book Apps

PopOut! The Night Before Christmas - Loud Crow Interactive Inc.

Many families have the tradition of reading "The Night Before Christmas" appropriately on the night before Christmas. This app we discovered of the story not only gives you the option of reading it on your own or having it read to you, it has fun, interactive illustrations with sound on each page that kids of all ages will enjoy playing with.

For iPad -

For iPhone -

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Useful & Organizational Christmas Apps

Gifts HD Plus - MacSpots Software

Wonderful shopping app for Christmas! Each user's shopping list is password protected so everyone in your family can use the app. Add as many gift recipients as you want and track your budget for those people, gifts you have left to purchase, and which gifts are wrapped and/or mailed. You can cross gifts and purchases off as you finish shopping for them. There is even a calculator in app!

One of the coolest features of this gift buying and organizing app is it has a web browser built into it; the browser automatically brings over your "To Do" list so you can see the gifts you need to purchase. Then all you have to do is tap on the "To Do" list in the browser and it will search Google Products for where you can find the best prices to purchase your gifts. It is like a modern day Miracle on 34th Street Macy's Santa at your fingertips. This app is only available on the iPad, but you can also e-mail your "To Do" list and summary to your cell phone so you can see what you still need to purchase while at the store. The app even includes a countdown to let you know the shopping days left until Christmas!

For iPad Only -

Appcessory Christmas Gift Ideas

Cars 2 AppMATes Appcessories

This Appcessory is really cool for kids who love the Pixar Cars movies, or kids who love playing with any kind of cars in general. It only works with the iPad because you need driving room. You can purchase the individual car toys (there are six), download the free app, and place them on your iPad and watch them come to life. Each Cars character creates a unique experience with the app; the built in sensors can detect which car you are driving around on the iPad. You can explore different Cars environments in the app, race, take on missions, and even customize your virtual car. If you aren't sure if your kid will like it, you can download the app for free and try it out with a "paper" car before purchasing the physical Cars characters.

For iPad Only -

Crayola Color Studio HD Appcessory

This is a really fun coloring Appcessory. The app is free, but you need to purchase the iMarker to make it work. It is also only for the iPad. The iMarker isn't an ordinary stylus, it allows you to color like you are using crayons, markers, colored pencils, and other Crayola products without messing up your iPad, leaving no mess, and without having to search for a different color. This is a really cool gift idea for any youngster who likes to color.

For iPad -

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Remote Controlled Vehicle Appcessories

Silverlit RC Ferrari

For iPhone & iPad -

Christmas Music Apps

Piano Complete with 500+ Songs - Better Day Wireless, Inc.

If you want to play Christmas carols with your friends around the piano, but no one has a piano, just pull out this app. It contains well over 50 Christmas songs and can teach you how to play them through light up keys and scrolling notes on sheet music or notes falling over the keys telling you when to play them.

For iPad - For iPhone -

Hamster Holidays - Obie Leff

This is a really cute Christmas music app. There are eight different hamsters, each says something different and contains the sheet music to a holiday song. Simply tap on the Christmas ball at the bottom of the screen to make the corresponding hamster play that note on the jingle bell it is holding.

For iPad - For iPhone -

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Christmas Game Apps

ClickySticky Christmas Sticker Book - invocore

This app is really cute for little kids. This reminds me of Colorforms that came with a playboard (or a scene) and plastic pieces that would stick to the board and easily peel off to be placed somewhere else creating scenes. They were popular in the 1980s so most parents with kids in the age range who would use this app most likely remember them.

For iPad - For iPhone -

Elves Inc: Christmas Mission HD - G5 Entertainment

This is basically a flight control app where you make sure elves never run into each other while they are loading up sleighs for Christmas. This is a fun Christmas app for the iPad for kids or adults who are looking to pass a little time in a fun, entertaining and challenging way.

For iPad Only - Elves Inc: Christmas Mission HD - G5 Entertainment

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