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What is Ovation for Christmas About? Helping you Rediscover the Magic of Christmas

OvationforChristmas.com is a website that was created to help people quickly find the Christmas information they are looking for, and, like a kid looking for presents before Christmas, to allow people to just discover or rediscover things they might not have known or have forgotten about Christmas. This is a living website; it will be constantly added to and pages may change. We have gifts placed around our site that can be "opened" which are links to videos that can either create a sense of nostalgia or discovery. These presents may also change, either in placement around the site or what the present is you will find when you open it.

Also the site was designed to help people find great Christmas gift ideas for their loved ones. We don't take that lightly or just send people to sites with no direction. We recommend individual products and gift ideas that we believe will create a magical Christmas morning and prompt excited responses like, "Where did you find this?!?! This is awesome!!!" In that regard, keep in mind kids do not like clothes, so any children's clothes we recommend are done so to be purchased and given before Christmas as they are meant to be worn during the season. When searching for presents on individual pages, we try, as best as possible, to match product or gift suggestions to what the page is about. For example, on our Candy Cane traditions page, we has links to products that relate to candy canes and on our National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation movie page, we have links to products that relate to the movie. If you are looking for general great gift ideas, visit our Gifts page.

Who is Ovation for Christmas?

Throughout this site I use the terms "us," "we" and "our" hopefully. The truth is this website is currently the result of one individual with a love for Christmas who wants to share his knowledge and insights about the holiday with others. Like many, ever since I was little, the magic of Christmas enveloped me. Unlike many, that love for and magic of Christmas has never left or wavered. I guess you could say the bell still rings for me. I say I use those pluralities hopefully because as the site grows, I hope to be able to hire people to help with it, I currently can not afford that expense. If you enjoy the site and want to help with defraying the costs of this website so I can continue to keep this website online and bring you new content, any donations would be greatly appreciated. Right now, any donations received will be used to defray the costs of running the site so I can continue to work on it and keep it online.

Christmas Present

I believe in the quality of the content on a website and not the quantity of the content on a website. That is not to say that this website will not have plenty of content. It will; I'm focusing this site, from a content perspective as a central hub for Christmas. If you want to find out anything about Christmas, my hope is someday you can find it here. My hope is that this website will put you in the Christmas spirit and help make your Christmas a bit more magical, that the design of the site will foster in you the feelings you had as a little kid hunting for your own Christmas presents, waiting to see what is behind the next present.

There is so much I want... I want to help you find things to do around Christmas that will put you in a festive mood. I want to provide you with ideas to make your Christmas even more special. I want to make Christmas special for those who never even visit this site...perhaps they receive a gift that someone found here or someone tells them something they discovered here that they didn't know. Basically, I want to help make your Christmas as magical as it was when you were a kid. I believe the more people talk about Christmas, the more the spirit of Christmas spreads, after all, according to Buddy the Elf, "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear." Talking about Christmas is the next best thing, talking is just slow, quiet singing. That is what this website is all about, to help you rediscover the magic, or spirit, of Christmas. In the words of Nephew Fred from A Muppet's Christmas Carol, "I believe that Christmas has done me good and will do me good, and I say God bless it!"

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