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Ovation for Christmas "Rediscover the Magic of Christmas"

Ovation for Christmas is a website designed with one goal in mind: to help you rediscover the magic of Christmas. Our aim is to make your life easier and more memorable around the holidays. As our name implies, at Ovation for Christmas we love the holidays and want to share that enjoyment with you by helping you to rediscover your Christmas past, enjoy your Christmas present, and plan your Christmases yet to come.

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How Can We Help You Rediscover the Magic of Christmas?

Our Christmas Gift to You

One way we have designed this site to help you rediscover the magic of Christmas is by placing Christmas presents around the site to help you remember the excitement of discovering your presents under the tree and not knowing what was inside them. We aren't talking about the gift ideas you will see in the side columns of every page and all throughout our Gift Idea pages (although finding that perfect gift for someone can make you feel the magic of Christmas). Here we are talking about gift boxes that are a link to Christmas content from around the web. You will see the instruction "click to open" under them, so, to open, simply click on them. These Christmas presents could take you to a special page, which could be a fantastic Christmas video for you to discover from YouTube or elsewhere or a random amazing page from our site or an article related to Christmas. You may find these presents on any page or subpage within the site no matter how big or small the page. Oh, and the presents may change, so you may open a present on a certain page and think you've already seen that present, but the next day it could be completely different! So much of the magic of Christmas is about discovery, this is just one way our site tries to make your Christmas more enjoyable. So find your presents and enjoy! Click the present on the right to open your first Christmas present of the season!!! Also don't miss our Christmas Advent Calendar that you can get to at the bottom of each page!

Discover Christmas Music, Movies and TV Episodes Watch Them with a New Understanding

The Christmas presents we've scattered around our site is just one of the ways our site aims to help you rediscover the magic of Christmas. One of the fastest ways to get in the Christmas spirit is listening to Christmas music. At Ovation for Christmas we help you to discover new Christmas music and rediscover Christmas songs you may have forgotten about but loved. Finding a Christmas song you loved as a kid and hearing it again can bring back that magic of Christmas in a flash. The same can be said for Christmas movies and TV shows. Plus, we believe part of the magic of Christmas involves surrounding yourself with and spending time with loved ones around Christmas. Watching Christmas movies and TV episodes is just one Christmassy idea of how you can spend time with them during the holiday season. By searching these Christmas movies on Ovation for Christmas' Christmas movies pages, you will find out a lot about Christmas movies you may have seen hundreds of times that will make the experience the next time you see your favorite Christmas movie even more enjoyable and can give you something to share with your family or friends while you watch the movie, which can spark fun conversations. Plus, if you know a family member is obsessed with a certain Christmas movie and you don't know what to get them for Christmas, we bet you can find something they will like on those pages that they will love!

Ideas to Start a Christmas Tradition

  • Decorating the tree
  • Baking Christmas cookies
  • Making a gingerbread house
  • Watching Christmas movies
  • Going to a decorated amusement park
  • Driving around and looking at the lights
  • Decorating the house (inside and out)
  • Taking a trip to a Christmas Destination
  • Going Christmas Caroling
  • Throwing a Christmas themed party
  • Going to a Christmas concert
  • Going to a Christmas show

At Ovation for Christmas, we want to help you spend quality time with your loved ones around Christmas; it helps make Christmas magical. Christmas is that time of year when, even if you haven't all year, you really make an effort focus on spending time with your family. To that effect, we give you ideas to help you enhance traditions that have already become an integral part of your holiday experience and also give you ideas of some new traditions that you and your family and friends can look forward to every year. To help you with this, we list where to find fun Christmas events in your area, including a description of the event and a link to more information about it. We also provide tips and ideas on how to make these and other Christmas traditions and activities more enjoyable and memorable. The list to the right is a good starting point if you can't think of something to do with your family and friends at Christmas, but that is just the beginning of our suggestions. You also can find out the origins of some common, time-tested Christmas traditions to add a deeper appreciation and understanding to traditions you are probably already celebrating. In case there are some on our Christmas traditions page that you aren't already doing, you can add those to your Christmas celebrations to make them more magical!

Find that Perfect Christmas Gift Quickly that they will Love and Never Expect

We know how wonderful that look is when someone opens a gift on Christmas morning that they have never seen before, that they couldn't find on their own or that they have always wanted. It is part of what makes Christmas so magical. Our website aims to help you achieve those "Wow!!! Where did you find this!?!?" Christmas morning moments. We have spent a lot of time searching all over the internet to help you discover the best gifts that will elicit that kind of response. While only you know what truly interests those you are giving gifts to, we try to steer you in the right direction to make it a present and Christmas they will remember. You could get someone the coolest Star Wars gift they have ever seen that any Star Wars fan would consider the highlight of their Christmas, but, if they are a Star Trek fan and don't like Star Wars, they probably won't appreciate it. So find out the basics of what your loved ones are interested in. If you have kids, do they like to play with building toys, cars, dolls, action figures, etc.? What are their favorite shows or movies? The same principle applies to adults; find out their hobbies and interests and then find the coolest gifts for them on our site. Like we said, it really is the thought that counts and getting someone a present that stands out goes a long way towards creating a Christmas they (and you) will never forget.

You may be asking yourself, "How does this website make this easier for me?" It's simple. Besides focusing on only promoting the best products we could find, whatever page you are on on our site dictates the type of amazing gift ideas you will find. For example, if you are on our National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation page, you will find gift ideas related to that movie, if you are on our Christmas caroling page, you will find gifts that can be useful when you are caroling or that someone who likes music will love, etc. You can also just go to our Christmas gifts page to find a wide selection of amazing, unique gift ideas in categories we will constantly be adding to.

What Does this Site Offer that the Mall Doesn't?

Malls can be a Stressful Nightmare ~ Don't get us wrong, those of us at Ovation for Christmas actually enjoy going to the mall around Christmas for the festive atmosphere, but we also understand how shopping at the mall at Christmastime can be a stressful nightmare for some people. The crowds, the lines, trying to find a parking spot, the pushing and shoving, it can get on anyone's nerves. However, just going to the mall with friends and family around Christmas can get you in the spirit and if you don't need to buy anything, you can avoid most of the hassle. It can also be fun as a family to go to the mall with kids and take them to see Santa, walk around, get dinner or some snacks and make an evening out of it; it gets kids really excited for Christmas. Parents can even alternate with having mom or dad take the kids to a different area of the mall while the other shops for gifts for them (just be sure to take the gifts to the car and put them in the trunk before reuniting with the rest of your family).

The Gift Diversity is Lacking at Malls ~ While the mall can be a fun experience at Christmas for those who don't find it stressful, chances are it will be very hard to find a "wow" Christmas present there. The mall oftentimes lacks really exciting, unique products or a lot of diversity of selection. In fact, many of the gift ideas we mention on this site can't even be found in a mall. At many malls you will find a lot of clothes and accessory stores, some food places and not a lot else. We aren't saying the mall isn't a great place to get Christmas gifts if you already know what someone wants for Christmas and you know there is a store at the mall that has it, however, it may not be the best place to browse for or find a truly unique Christmas gift that will stand out on Christmas morning.

Going to the Mall at Christmas Can be Time Consuming ~ Shopping online for Christmas presents saves the time and the hassle of going to the mall during the holiday season. If you go into a mall not knowing what to get someone, malls don't make suggestions or point you to the best Christmas presents in the mall, meaning even if a mall does have that perfect gift for a loved one, it may take you a long time to find it, wasting valuable holiday time you could be spending with your family in the process. Shopping online also allows for shopping in private to keep gifts a secret whereas if you go to the mall to get gifts, you either have to go alone to make sure no intended gift recipient sees what you are getting them or you need to find a way to lose them when you see something you might want to get them without tipping them off to what you are thinking about getting them. Plus, chances are if they are with you, they have already seen what you are getting them if you try to shake them to get something you see at the mall as a gift for them. So, even though they don't know exactly what you are getting them, when they open the gift on Christmas, they aren't really surprised.

What Does Ovation for Christmas Offer that other Christmas Websites Don't?

The Broad Range as well as the Quality of our Content ~ First and foremost, Ovation for Christmas loves and enjoys everything about Christmas. Judging by the content of many Christmas websites out there, we wonder if that is the case with these other sites or whether they are only interested in trying to make money. Ovation for Christmas is putting in the time to make this website the best experience possible for you so that whatever completed page you are on, you will hopefully discover something about whatever Christmas topic that page covers. We have plans to cover almost everything related to Christmas that could possibly interest anyone. However, currently there are many pages we have not gotten to or completed yet so we ask that you be patient with us as we work hard at bringing you the best Christmas related content we can. Our National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Pages will give you some example of what you can expect from us in the future.

Not only has our family at Ovation for Christmas scoured the internet to find some of the most unique and thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for everyone on your list or Santa's, we have an extensive list of Christmas TV episodes and Christmas movies including an ever growing list of Christmas movie pages (and eventually Christmas TV show pages) that give you a further appreciation of and insights into the movie, we have multiple pages of Christmas music including new Christmas music each year to add to your enjoyment of the holidays, we let you know what great Christmas events are happening in your area as well as things you can do around Christmas (like Christmas caroling) to start Christmas traditions with your friends and family to get in the Christmas spirit, we give you insights into popular Christmas traditions including the origins of those traditions, we go over Christmas decorating ideas including tracking down some of the best as well as some of the most unique lights, trees and other decorations we could find around the web, we suggest some wonderful Christmas recipes for you to enjoy around the holidays as well as tracking down some amazing products that can help you in the kitchen at Christmas, we tell you about the best apps to make your life easier and more enjoyable at Christmastime, we bring your attention to some of the best Christmas stories out there including wonderfully imaginative Christmas books and articles we have tracked down or written about Christmas to entertain and inform you, we have provided some wonderful ideas to make your Christmas more magical...and...much...more...we are getting exhausted listing them all...While other Christmas websites may contain some of these topics, you would be hard pressed to find one that takes the time and care to cover any of these topics in depth and with quality the way Ovation for Christmas strives to do.

Ovation for Christmas Provides a Fun, Interactive, Engaging, Entertaining Christmas Experience ~ Ovation for Christmas wants you to have fun on our site. Besides making it fun to click on each page to find out what cool gift ideas or products you can use around Christmas await you there, we also hid digital Christmas presents around our site that, if you click on them, you will be taken somewhere around the web to discover nostalgic, unique, fun, or informative Christmas content. In addition, throughout our site you can roll over certain images and they will spring to life in some fashion. We have also included a Christmas Advent Calendar link at the bottom of each page that will take you to a page with dates that will be activated with a similar Christmas link on each of the 24 dates leading up to Christmas in December and where you can find a fun range of advent calendars to get for your own home to make the wait until Christmas morning a little more fun and bearable.

See Actual Gift Ideas rather than just Ads Sending You to a Site ~ Most Christmas websites out there will simply throw up banner ads without giving you any guidance or suggestions of what Christmas gifts you should get for someone when you get there like these:

Other Christmas websites simply don't take the time to find the best products on that store's site for you, all they care about is sending you to online stores and let you fend for yourself when you get there, wasting your time as you try to decide if there is anything on the site you were sent to that you'd like to give as a Christmas gift. While you will find some banner ads on our site, the majority of the ads we put up show you a great gift you can find on the site it will send you to so you can decide if you'd like to know more about that product, get it for someone you know for Christmas or think the product is amazing and would like to shop on whatever site is selling that product because you are looking for something like the product you see.

Why do we take so much time tracking down individual gift ideas for you? Because we love Christmas and care about helping to make your Christmas special by not wasting your time in finding a gift and finding a gift that your loved ones will be truly surprised and ecstatic to get and only want you to spend time visiting a site if you like the gift idea you see while other Christmas sites just care about getting credit for sending you to the site. Simply sending someone to a website to find a gift without any direction, besides wasting their time, is just like directing them a department store in a mall where they should buy a Christmas gift without giving them any guidance of what some cool gift ideas are in that store that they should consider. It is the difference between a Christmas website sending you to Amazon to find a Christmas gift and our site, Ovation for Christmas, sending you to a product page on Amazon for you to get something for your child that they will love, like Living Sands by Play Visions, which Ovation for Christmas discovered for you. Living Sands won't create a mess like sand, yet is even more fun to play with, feels kind of like cookie dough, but is dry, looks just like dry sand, but can be molded like wet sand, creates solid shapes, yet can be changed back into sand with a soft touch. It also is completely safe and doesn't stain. These are the types of ideas for Christmas presents you can expect from this website.

Christmas Product Ideas to Make Your Christmas More Enjoyable ~ Besides tracking down the best products from around the web to make it easy for you to find the perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones, we also tracked down the best products from around the web that can help to make your Christmas more enjoyable. These are products that could be given as Christmas gifts, but you may want to open them before Christmas since they can make your Christmas better. For example, you may find some amazing Christmas music on our site, but wouldn't you rather listen to it before Christmas to get in the spirit? You may find some amazing Christmas recipe books or things to use while making those recipes, but they might taste better before Christmas. The same goes for Christmas decorations, etc. Yet any of these products that you think could be useful before Christmas to make the holiday more enjoyable could also be given as gifts, including items that seemingly would only be useful around Christmas. For example, our family has a tradition of picking out an ornament every year for each other and giving it as a gift to open on Christmas and that is the first ornament we put on the tree the next year. The same could apply to any of these types of products and could actually start a new Christmas tradition for your family. Give a Christmas recipe book to someone in the family who likes to cook, have them pick out a Christmas recipe to try from the book that you have the ingredients for to make as an addition to Christmas dinner or dessert that night or sometime between Christmas and New Years or pick out a recipe from the book to make next year to kick off the holidays. Set up a Christmas village or a manger scene and add a piece every year alternating who the family member is who gets the new piece as a family gift and have the family open it on Christmas Eve and the person who gets it decides where to place it in the display. If someone collects something that is a Christmas collectable, like Jim Shore, Byer's Choice, Annalee Dolls, Snowbabies, Mark Roberts, etc., they may love getting these as Christmas gifts as well.

Discover a New Kind of Christmas Magic

Over the years, technology has given "the magic of Christmas" a whole new meaning. From NORAD tracking Santa (and now Google maps also tracking the jolly old elf) on Christmas Eve to iPads and iPhones making it easy to watch our favorite Christmas movies on the go, without technological magic, Christmas just wouldn't be as magical. We wouldn't have the streetlights and even stoplights blinking of bright red and green, we wouldn't have the Christmas movies or specials that have made an indelible impression on the enjoyment of the holidays for countless families, we wouldn't have Christmas music playing everywhere we go, we wouldn't even have websites like Ovation for Christmas.

Some technology even helps to make Christmas less stressful and more enjoyable. Ever since apps became popularized by smart phones and tablets, as Apple would say, there is now "an app for that" to make Christmas easier and more enjoyable. If you want to read Christmas books in a new way (or have them read to you), there are Christmas book apps. If you want to find great Christmas recipes or learn how to cook the perfect Christmas dinner or bake the perfect Christmas cookies, there are Christmas recipe apps and food apps. If you are looking for a cool toy for your kids, there are many toys that work with, can be controlled by or are enhanced by apps created for those toys. If you are looking to play a fun game with a Christmas theme, there are Christmas game apps. If you are looking for a fun way to play or listen to Christmas music, there are Christmas music apps. If you are stressed out and need to find a way to organize your Christmas shopping, there are Christmas shopping apps that can make things easier for you.

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